Learn how to navigate reaching your purpose through transformation.
Learn how to navigate the journey between releasing total control and abandoning complete dependence and develop 100% FAITH
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Download Chapter 1, 100% Dad,
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Have You Ever?
  • Felt God pull you in a new direction?
  • Met resistance when you introduce a new idea?
  • Wanted God to sweep in and direct you forward?
  • ​Withstood tribulation?
  • ​Desired bullet-proof faith?
  • ​Struggled to become close to God because of past experiences?
The moment everything changed...
When I was able to transform my vision of God.  When I was able to see him as more than my Master, Provider, Strong Tower, Savior, AND see him as my Dad - Everything changed for me and my family.  
  • I was able to understand my own limiting beliefs and how those kept me from God's side.
  • I was able to recognize the infinite number of gifts given to me by God. 
  • I was able to offer genuine forgiveness.
Join me on this journey.  
Download Chapter 1 of The Dad Project for FREE Today
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